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Used by convention sales managers, event planners, exhibitors, attendees, delegates, and local businesses,

ConventionCalendar.com is an easy way to view and plan for upcoming events. ConventionCalendar.com is updated daily by leading convention centers, destination marketing organizations, and trade associations. The application is owned and operated by Destination Advantage LLC.


FAQ - Self Service Support

Convention Sales is a competitive business and the best in the business understand the value of highlighting and promoting their clients. The value of industry collaboration far out weighs any perceived individual competitive concerns. The Internet has fundamentally changed the competitive landscape and access to information. Convention Sales teams at leading cities across the nation understand the value of sharing event data as a way to more intelligently prospect for new business. At ConventionCalendar.com you are in control of the information and event data that is made available. IAVM's ConventionCalendar.com provides the Convention Center industry its own database exclusively designed by Convention Centers for Convention Centers.

The ConventionCalendar.com program does not replace your existing venue management system. The program is able to interface with your venue management system to automatically update your venue data on ConventionCalendar.com. ConventionCalendar.com is a lead generation and destination marketing program. Featuring your calendar on ConventiaonCalendar.com helps strengthen the Convention Center Industry sales and marketing channel and allows you to monetize your calendar to produce new revenues for your center.

New Revenues are generated from new bookings but also from the sale of online advertisements to destination and hospitality travel partners. Advertising revenue is split between the center and ConventionCalendar.com.

People, including meeting and event planners, are actively seeking convention center event information - year round. Short term bookings are on the rise. ConventionCalendar.com is a valuable source for short-term bookings. Delegates, event planners, as well as exhibitors utilize ConventionCalendar.com on an increasingly shorter-term basis. ConventionCalendar.com also produces convention sales leads for events scheduled well past 18 months sometimes as far out as 5 years. Many times these leads also include the addition of sleeping room requirements! These convention sales leads can be easily transferred to the appropriate convention sales representative in your destination.

We understand the nature of private events and therefore strictly adhere to a privacy policy which prevents the listing of private events.

There are several differences and similarities between IAVM's ConventionCalendar.com and DMAI's empowerMINT.com. The same company, Destination Advantage LLC, developed DMAI's program and IAVM's ConventionCalendar.com program. Destination Advantage LLC developed the empowerMINT.com program exclusive for the CVB Industry, while the ConventionCalendar.com program is a convention center centric program. Our mission is to raise awareness of Community Convention Centers as one of the cities most important economic development assets. The ConventionCalendar.com program positions the convention center as a lead generator for CVB's and DMO's.

The ConventionCalendar.com content comprises an up to date list of current events and special offers at convention centers of your choice. This calendar of events is unique in that it is used by a diverse audience including Business-to-Business (B2B) users and Business-to-Consumer (B2C) users including but not limited to the following:

  • B2B Users: Event Planners, Convention Sales/Services Managers, Local Stakeholders (Economic Developers, Chamber of Commerce members, City/County employees), Exhibitors
  • B2C Users: Business Travelers, Leisure Visitors, Locals, Convention Delegates

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